About Advantage Auto Sales

 Advantage Auto sales is located at 6817 Clinton Hwy in Knoxville TN.  We are a 3rd generation family company that specializes in buying lightly damaged vehicles from insurance companies having them repaired and selling them to the public at reduced prices.    
 We use to be called “Lambert Motors” but changed our name because of confusion with the fine folks at Lambert Auto Parts (a company we sold in the 1980s) We have a multi decade reputation for providing our customers with excellent value for their money.  Almost everyone who buys a vehicle from us end up buying most of their vehicles from us.  Currently I have customers who are the grandchildren of customers my father, my uncle, and my grandfather (Earl, Jack, & Roy Lambert) use to sell cars to.
 We own our lot (NOT RENT) and we are hear to stay as a part of this community.  I graduated from Powell High school in 1985 and have lived here my whole life.  I Greg “LUMPY” Lambert served on the Knox County Commission for a term before deciding politics is not as fun as it looks.  As a part of this community we are not simply looking to make a quick sale.  We take care of our customers and strive to form ongoing business relationships with them.
 My partner Harry Smith spent decades as and Auto Body and Mechanics teacher for Knoxville City and Knox County Schools.  We have a very professional team that seeks out only the finest lightly damaged vehicles to put through the  reconstruction process.  We take great care to see that ever vehicle we fix is safe and reliable enough for our own families.  Both of our wives drive rebuilt vehicles as does my parents, my bother, and Harry's Wife children and grandchildren.  We would not put a customer in a vehicle we would not put our own family in.
 In addition to selling cars locally we have been exporting cars and trucks to the Bahamas since the 1980s and have sold cars over the internet since the late 1990s.  Our non local sales are only a very small part of our business but we still strive to take care of our out of state customers and our customers in the Bahamas.