Buyers Guide

Who should buy a Reconstructed Vehicle


 I have been selling reconstructed vehicles longer than I have been driving and every personal car or truck that I have owned has been a reconstructed vehicle.  I also understand that a reconstructed vehicle might not be for everyone and have put together this quick guide to help you see if it is right for you.  I ask every potential customer to ask themselves these 4 questions when determining if it would be right for them.

1.  Can you buy it?  Financing is the #1 issue when buying a rebuilt car or truck.   If you bank with The Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit Union your probably in good shape (many of the folks who work there buy from us).  If you have assets (home equity, retirement saving ect) financing will probably not be much of a problem but it is hard for younger folks without a lot of assets to borrow money to buy a car with a rebuilt title.  

2.  Do you keep your cars for a wail?  If you keep your vehicle for a few years  your going to save a lot of money with us.  The value of these vehicles is greatly effected when they are new usually a car or truck on our lot will sell for 20-30% less than the same vehicle without a rebuilt title.  But older higher milage vehicles with rebuilt titles are pretty much worth the same as a similar vehicle with a clean title.      

3.  Do you have someone to inspect it?  I do not ask anyone to trust me, I want you to have the car checked out by your mechanic or body man.    I want someone other than me (the guy trying to sell you something) to check it out for you and we will let you take it to be inspected.  

 4.  Are you comfortable with it?  If you do business with us we will sell you a better car and save you a lot of money but if your going to lose sleep every time you hear a CarFax commercial, no amount of savings is worth losing sleep over.   

Reasons to buy From US

The number one reason why people choose to buy from us is price, our cars and trucks tend to sell for 20-30% less than suggested retail book value

 A close second is QUALITY.  Any car or truck that is damaged can be fixed but only the really good ones are fixed (at least by us).  Our motto is “You Can Fix Dents But You Can't Fix Wore Out” only the cleanest lowest mileage vehicles that we buy are repaired and sold to our customer. 

Anther good reason that people choose to buy from us is that is it GREEN.  When you buy a rebuilt vehicle not only are you saving money and getting a better car your also helping the environment by recycling. 

Customers also tell us that our service after the sale is important to them.  When you buy a car from us if it has any issues shortly after purchase that is not normal wear and tear we will take care of it.